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We Provide Optimized Power Solutions With Engineered Reliability

Manufacturing & Repairs

Wegezi is a 100% black owned manufacturing company, manufacturer of transformers and mini subs. We are solution providers for electric motors, pumps and generators. We also do assessments and repairs of transformers, mini-subs, generators, electric motors and pumps

Engineering & Power Solution

We offer efficient engineering designs: Alternative energy through generators, solar systems, batteries and inverters which are client focused. We are an energy solution provider for various sectors such as utilities,

municipalities, mining, industries, agriculture, retail and households. We full maintenance and site services.

Field Services &Training

Wegezi Site Service which is 24/7 is focused on doing assessments and site related repairs/installation of motors, pumps, generators, transformers and mini-subs.

We are MERSETA work approved to train: Electrical Apprentice, Armature Windors, Fitter and Turner.

Transformer and Mini Subs

We design and manufacture a wide range of transformers and related products to the highest quality standards.

Power Solution

Alternative energy through generators, solar systems, batteries and inverters.

Electric Motors and Pumps

We supply, service and repair a wide range of electric motors, alternators and pumps