Manufacturing & Repairs


Distribution Transformers and Mini-Subs OEM Manufactures

Wegezi designs and manufactures a wide range of transformers and related products to the highest quality standard. The range of transformers include: Dry type, Power transformers, distribution transformers and cat resin transformers

We have in-house manufacturing capability of transformers of up to 3150kva and up to 33kv

Generator and Alternative Energy

Wegezi’s alternative energy provides long term power solutions through equipment, support and research giving our clients peace of mind 24/7/365 days of the year.

We manufacture power generators from 10kva to 2mva LV/HT , Batteries and Inverters and lastly UPS’s (Uninterrupted power supplies)

Wegezi alternative energy and site solutions department provides consistency and efficiency engineering solutions

Coil Shop

Wegezi has a specialized coil manufacturing division for all industries.

  1. Manufacturing of specialized coils for AC and DC Motors
  2. Manufacturing of coils for traction Units, as well as blower units
  3. Manufacturing of diamond coils for HV motors
  4. Skimming and undercutting commutators
  5. Cold stripping of Armature Coils
  6. Comprehensive testing of equipment and sandblasting facility.


We work under 6200 meter squared facilities with overhead cranes. Our Facilities have 24/7 breakdown services. Our Quality Accreditation Include SABS 1561/0242IT3, ISO 9001 and Certex Flame Proofing. We have comprehensive testing facilities for AC and DC Motors, Fully equipped engineering facility, dynamo meter load testing and balancing and rotating machines


We repair and service all types of generators with years of experience.

Services are divided into two:

We offer minor and major services. We do running valve clearance check and adjustment @ 2000 Hours.

We are approved service providers by Cummings and Perkins


All service and repairs are provided on different types of transformers from 1kva to 3150kva up to 33kkv distribution transformers.

Power transformers, Dry type, Auto transformers, Welding transformers, Power Supplies, Low Voltage transformers, high voltage transformers, constant voltage transformers, Isolation transformers, Inductors, coils, reactors, commercial mini-sub stations and mining mini sub stations

Electric motors and Pumps

We specialize in repairs and servicing of electric motors and a full range of pumps. We do repairs and services of pumps to the following industries: Mining, Water and Effluent, Paper and pulp, Agriculture, Steel Manufacturing, Petro Chemical, Motor Industry, Construction & food and Beverage.