Products and Services


Distribution Transformers

We manufacture all types of distribution transformers, up to 3150kVa, with the highest voltage 33kV

Miniature Substations

We manufactures council mini subs, mining mini subs, kiosks and panels.

Power Transformers

We source and supply power transformers through our international partners. Thai Trafo manufacturing company based in Thailand and Jinan Transformers in China. Capabilities not limited to kV or kVA


We supply a variety the brand of pumps

  1. Gorman-Rupp Pumps
  2. Aql liquid Transfer
  3. Vansan Water Technologies
  4. BMG
  5. Aqua

and able to source other brands as require by the client


We supply a variety of the brand of motors

  1. Zest
  2. Motorelli
  3. BMG
  4. Actom
  5. Germans Electric Motors

And able to source other brands as required by the client


We supply a variety of the Brand of Generators

  1. MSC Auto Services
  2. Bundu Power
  3. Vert ENergy
  4. Marelli
  5. Generator King
  6. Hagar Distribution

and able to source other brands as required by the client

Field Services

Our site service division consist of highly skilled and qualified staff.

Each one of our service teams specialise in their product fields, providing on-site service and back-up support to the mining sectors, utilities and general industry.

Equipment we service: Motors, pumps, transformers, mini-subs and generators.

Our electrical and mechanical services include: condition monitoring, laser alignment, infrared scanning, fan balancing, partial discharge testing, predictive and preventive maintenance, on-site service and repairs

Training Services

Part of our company vision is to be the leading technical solutions provider therefore, Wegezi offers their very own training facilities. The company’s strategic need extends to the development of scarce and critical skills and the ability to harness the intellectual property from experienced staff who have worked in the industry for many years. Wegezi Training facilities offers your and your team the necessary skills required to optimise your production and operations. We are MERSETA workplace approved to train: Electrical Apprentices, Armature Winders, Fitter and Tuners

Research and Development

The aim of research and development (R&D) is to improve the current technologies offered by an organisation or to develop innovations that strengthen the organisation position in the marketplace.

Equipment Rentals

We provide rentals on most of our equipment such as generators and electrical motors. For more information regarding this please call us during office hours.